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Parents Information

This amazing venue plays host to our annual "The Stars" in the Round show. The nature of this performance is like no other, your performer will be dancing to an audience of 5,000 watching them from a 350 degree view point. Its such an illuminating experience. We have been at the Royal since 2002 and it never fails to shock us the confidence and ability of our young dancers, from six years of age, who present astounding showcases and not even show their nerves.

Because of the nature of this performance, where the children are performing within the arena floor, you really feel close to them. As such, this event especially, has an amazing carnival atmosphere where the audience often get up out of there seats to cheer their schools along.

Ticket prices will be kept as low as possible so that your family and friends can all support your young dancer. If you are looking to book tickets for an up coming event please follow the link below to view a seating plan and to book tickets.