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Sadler's Wells Theatre Sun 26th Nov 2017

On Sale Now on 0844 412 4300 and Please Note There is a Matinee & Evening Show with Different Schools

indigo at The O2

Call 01992 522 222 to put your school on the waiting list for this venue.

Her Majesty's Theatre Sunday 5th Nov 2017

Tickets on Sale Now on 0844 412 4657 and via

Her Majesty's Theatre on 10th December 2017

Tickets on Sale Now on 0844 412 4657 and via

Dance at Disneyland ® Paris

Prices Frozen for 2018 Booking Dates Right Now for Summer 2018

Call 01992 522 222 straight away, to reserve your travel dates with Mardi Gras. We offer performance trips during the height of season, when audiences are at their largest and the weather is sunniest. Subject to availability, we are planning 2-night stays between 21st July and 18th August 2018. © Disney
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CALL 01992 522 222

We offer a range of products perfect for little surprise or even a stocking filler!
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Buy Tickets

For Mardi Gras London Shows!

Come and support your young dancer as they perform on one of the most prestigious stages in London. We hope that all your family and friends will join us in celebrating their talent. BOOK NOW!
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